Ballet:  All students must be prepared w"/>

What to Wear


"What To Wear"

  •  Ballet:  All students must be prepared with tights, leotard and ballet shoes.  While purchasing ballet shoes, parents should be aware to avoid ballet "slippers".  These are like slippers and may even have a satin texture. They are extremely slippery and not proper for class. Pink or white tights and pink ballet shoes are preferred for class, along with pink or black leotard.  Warm-ups and ballet skirts are permitted.
  • Tap:  All students must be prepared with tights, a leotard and tap shoes.  White, black and pink tights are acceptable for tap.  Black tap shoes are required for class.  Knit warm ups are permitted.
  • Jazz:  Preferred is a standard black leotard but other colors are accepable.  Black or tan tights and black jazz shoes  are required.


  • Hip-Hop:  Any athletic wear, sneakers, tshirts, sweatshirts and hats are allowed.   However, pants should not be dragging on the ground.


  • Contemporary:  Any active wear tshirt or top and shorts are acceptable. Students are allowed to be barefooted in this class.
  •  Musical Theater:  Character shoes, leotard and tights are preferred for this class.