Christmas Show Announcements & Performance Lists




Out Of This World 1” will be held on Friday, December 1st at 7:00 pm. This performance will showcase our Beginners, highlighted by some of our Praise Dance Company dances.

“Out Of This World 2” will be held on Saturday, December 2nd at 7:00 pm. This performance will include our more experienced performers with a full lineup of the Praise Dance Company.

All dancers must arrive by 6:00 pm on show night.


DRESS REHEARSAL for BOTH shows will be Thursday, November 30th at 4:00pm SHARP.



See Performance List below for each show.

Tickets for the show will be on sale soon.

Prices as follows: Friday Show - $8 in Advance; $10 at Door

                                        Saturday Show - $10 in Advance; $12 at Door

Both Shows and Dress Rehearsal will be held at:

The Church of the King

Bay Rd Queensbury


Performance List FOR Saturday Dec 1 Show:

CLASS and ​​​​​​​SONG
Tuesday, Emerson Frasier 3:45-4:15​​       Unto Us

Tuesday,Kinder 1 4:15-5:00​​​​                   Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Wednesday, Chloe & Kaitlin 3:30-4:00​​    Moonlight

Wednesday, Lil Hip Hoppers 4:00-5:00​​   Beautiful Christmas

Thursday, Beg Ballet/Tap 4:00-5:00​​       When You Wish Upon A Star

Thursday, Beg Contemporary 6:00-7:00​​ Spirit Breakout

Friday, Sami & Cailee 3:30-4:00​​​            Blessings

Friday, Dance Cheer​​​​​                             Run Run Rudolph

Saturday, Kinder 1 10:00-10:45​​​           Welcome Christmas

Company 1 Ballet​​​​​                                Jupiter

Company 1 Jazz​​​​​​                                 Star Wars

Company 1 Hip Hop                          ​​​​ ​Tell the World

Company 1 Contemporary​​​                  ​Cosmic Love

Company 2 Ballet​​​​​                              Joy to the World

Company 2 Jazz​​​​​​                                Tetris

Company 2 Tap​​​​​​                                Mr. Grinch

Company 1 & 2​​​​​                                ​I Can Only Imagine

Company 1 & 2​​​​​​                                In My Soul

Alannah​​​​​​​                                           Drops of Jupiter

Morgan​​​​​                                           ​​ Arms of An Angel

Sara​​​​​​​​                                                Throne Room

Maddie​​​​​​​                                            Titanium


Please note: this is NOT the Show order.


Performance List FOR Dec 2nd Show

CLASS​​​ ​​​and SONG:

Tuesday, Int Ballet/Tap 5:00-6:00​​​                  Jingle Bells (Ballet)

Tuesday, Int Ballet/Tap 5:00-6:00​​​                  The Jetsons (Tap)

Tuesday, Cont w/ Exp 6:00-7:00​​​                    Bright

Wednesday, Chloe & Kaitlin 3:30-4:00​​            Moonlight

Wednesday, Hip Hop 7:30-8:30                    ​​​ Intergalactic

Thursday, Formal 1 5:00-6:00​​ ​                     Rockin on Top of the World

Friday, Sami & Cailee 3:30-4:00                  ​​​ Blessings

Friday, Dance Cheer​​​​​                                    Run Run Rudolph

Saturday, Private Bekah                             ​​​​ Stairway to Heaven

Company 1 Ballet​​​​​                                       Jupiter

Company 1 Jazz​​​​​​                                        Star Wars

Company 1 Tap​​​​                                        ​​Rudolph

Company 1 Hip Hop                                ​​​​​ Tell the World

Company 1 Contemporary​                      ​​​ Cosmic Love

Company 2 Ballet​​​​                                  ​ Joy to the World

Company 2 Jazz​​​​​​                                    Tetris

Company 2 Tap​​​​​​                                     Mr. Grinch

Company 2 Hip Hop​​​​​                               Santa Baby

Company 1 & 2​​​​                                    ​​ I Can Only Imagine

Company 1 & 2​​                                     ​​​​In My Soul

Trio-Aly, McKenna & Natalie​​​​                   Alien Sci Fi

Aly​​​​​​​​                                                      Have Yourself a Merry Little

Alannah​​​​​​​                                              Drops of Jupiter

Morgan​​​​​​​                                               Arms of An Angel

Sara​​​​​​​​                                                   Throne Room

Maddie​​​​​​​                                               Titanium

Natali​e​​​​ ​​​                                               E.T.

McKenna​​​​ ​​​                                           Bird Set Free

Cres​​​​​​​​                                                  Go Tell It On The Mountain


Please Note: This is NOT the show order.