February 2020

February has begun and classes are in full swing. We have chosen our music for the Praise Jubilee (our Spring Recital), our theme is “Disney”. This year, our recitals will be held on May 29th & 30th at the Church of the King, Queensbury. Details coming soon.

~ Costumes ~

Costumes have been chosen for each number, and students are excited to begin their dances! As stated in the January Newsletter, costume payments should now be paid in full (with the exception of the Praise Dance Company). Please see the office for the total amount due for your child. We must receive payment in full to order your child’s costume.

~ Class Arrival ~

Due to the limited space in the studio waiting room, we would like to ask that you do not arrive for your scheduled class more than 15 minutes ahead of time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

~ Parent Viewing Reminder ~

Children in dance classes often have a tough time concentrating and fully engaging in class when parents are present. Some kids become shy in the presence of unfamiliar faces. Others simply can’t resist running back and forth between class and their own parent. Because of this, we would ask that you please take a seat in the waiting area and refrain from observing the class through the windows in the hallway. There is a mirror in the waiting area for your convenience. Please note there will be times throughout the year that you will be permitted to observe your child’s progress.

~ Studio Closed ~

Just a reminder that the studio will be closed for Mid-Winter Break from February 16- 23rd. All classes will resume on February 24th.

~ Disney Trip ~

The Praise Dance Companies are getting excited for their trip to Disney. They will be performing in Disney Springs on February 18th!